Spruce Ave Connects is a new neighbour-helping-neighbour volunteer program we are running in Edmonton’s Spruce Avenue neighbourhood during the global pandemic of COVID-19.  


Hello Spruce Ave!  With growing concerns over COVID-19, we are launching a new program to be proactive should we face increasing challenges, where we will need to learn to support and care for our neighbours locally.  While there are some groups offering assistance and support across Metro Edmonton, we want to encourage the power of local connection in Spruce Ave and be resilient in the face of changing times, where we may be forced to support each other by those within walking distance, who we live and work with on a daily basis. Rather than spreading fear or germs, we are building community in the face of crisis.  


RIGHT NOW: We are currently seeking names and contact information (email, cellphone) of volunteers in Spruce Ave who are willing to take requests for support by your friends and neighbours here in Spruce Ave (such as porch drops of urgent items, mail deliveries, and similar small favours and acts of kindness) 


If you are interesting in signing up as a volunteer to support others in Spruce Ave, please either (1) sign-up for our new Facebook Group Spruce Avenue Covid19 Community Group and Direct Message us to volunteer for “Spruce Ave Connects”, or (2) send an email to secretary@spruceavenuecommunity.com, or (3) call and leave a message through the league at 780-471-1932.  Whichever way you get a hold of us, please indicate you’re interested in volunteering for “Spruce Ave Connects” and we’ll add you to our list.