Spruce Ave Connects

Spruce Ave Connects is a new neighbour-helping-neighbour volunteer program we are running in Edmonton’s Spruce Avenue neighbourhood during the global pandemic of COVID-19.  


Hello Spruce Ave!  With growing concerns over COVID-19, we are launching a new program to be proactive should we face increasing challenges, where we will need to learn to support and care for our neighbours locally.  While there are some groups offering assistance and support across Metro Edmonton, we want to encourage the power of local connection in Spruce Ave and be resilient in the face of changing times, where we may be forced to support each other by those within walking distance, who we live and work with on a daily basis. Rather than spreading fear or germs, we are building community in the face of crisis.  


RIGHT NOW: We are currently seeking names and contact information (email, cellphone) of volunteers in Spruce Ave who are willing to take requests for support by your friends and neighbours here in Spruce Ave (such as porch drops of urgent items, mail deliveries, and similar small favours and acts of kindness) 


If you are interesting in signing up as a volunteer to support others in Spruce Ave, please either (1) sign-up for our new Facebook Group Spruce Avenue Covid19 Community Group and Direct Message us to volunteer for “Spruce Ave Connects”, or (2) send an email to secretary@spruceavenuecommunity.com, or (3) call and leave a message through the league at 780-471-1932.  Whichever way you get a hold of us, please indicate you’re interested in volunteering for “Spruce Ave Connects” and we’ll add you to our list.

Message from Spruce Avenue Community League about Covid 19

EDMONTON – March 19, 2020

We have been quiet lately because you need the time and space to digest all this information to make decisions. However, we have been in this with you from the start and will continue to be with you.

A State of Emergency has been declared in Alberta due to the COVID-19 pandemic. As part of the State of Emergency, ALL COMMUNITY LEAGUE FACILITIES MUST BE CLOSED.

This includes halls, rinks, playgrounds, sports courts/fields, and any other facility run by a Community League. The official wording for this measure can be found on the Government of Alberta COVID-19 website under “Mass gathering restrictions”

We all have a role to play in these unprecedented times and we need to understand that things are changing fast and so we need to rely only on official sources of information.  We need to resist sharing information that does not come from the authorities.

Public Health Agency of Canada


Alberta Health Services


You can appreciate your Spruce Avenue Community League is not the right experts about your health. If you have concerns about your own health, please contact Health Link by calling 8-1-1.  However, our board is looking at all ways we can help our community to get through this. Our volunteers are looking at all options. Stay tuned for these efforts.

As the situation around COVID-19 evolves, we want to make sure we’re keeping you up to date on our planned activities. Please watch our Social Media for live updates on events and our efforts to come.

We want to thank you for being our neighbor and we appreciate your understanding that, as an important member of our community, we will navigate through this time together.

Please contact us should you have any questions or if you believe we can provide you with further assistance.


Spruce Avenue Community League Board

Family Day Fun with Spruce Avenue Community League

Join us for free skating February 15 2020 from 1 PM to 5 PM at the Spruce Avenue community hall.  We do have some skates and helmets available for use.

Enjoy free hot chocolate and cookies after your skate.  Community league memberships and community signs will also be available for purchase.

Family Day Fun





For Release: Immediate

Spruce Avenue Community League postpones ‘Spruce Avenue Hibernation Celebration’ due to extreme weather

 EDMONTON, ALBERTA, JANUARY 17 – This season’s most anticipated event for the Spruce Avenue Community just north of the downtown core had to be postponed as the extreme weather continues to keep people indoors. The event would feature sleigh rides, Ice Skating, outdoor snow shoeing and lots of hot chocolate and bonfires. The event was to take place January 18th, 2020.

“As important it is to come together, we need to take care to stay warm and safe” Spruce Avenue Community League President Kate Boorman said. “We planned for a number of scenarios including have the temperature going below -21 so we of course are disappointed that such a deep freeze would occur for this long” Boorman stated. The number of people expected we could not house all our activities indoors.

It is important to take this extreme cold seriously including for our furry friends. With daytime highs at -28 over the last week and forecasted into next week; it is important to ensure plenty of layers and shorter periods outdoors. Also, if you see a vulnerable member of our city is in need of support do not hesitate to call 211 and option 3. You will be connected to a 24/7 crisis diversion offering nonemergency support.

Beware of Hypothermia

  • Being cold over a prolonged period of time can cause a drop in body temperature
  • Shivering, confusion and loss of muscular control (e.g., difficulty walking) can occur.
  • It can progress to a life-threatening condition where shivering stops or the person loses consciousness. Cardiac arrest may occur

Beware of Frostbite

  • A more severe condition, where both the skin and the underlying tissue (fat, muscle, bone) are frozen.
  • Skin appears white and waxy and is hard to the touch.
  • No sensation – the area is numb or tingling.
  • Source: https://www.getprepared.gc.ca

In conclusion we want you to stay warm and safe and will provide details of our future events in the weeks ahead. We hope to see a reprieve from this frigid weather soon.


Spruce Avenue Community League (SACL) was incorporated in 1951 and is a non-profit organization affiliated with the Edmonton Federation of Community Leagues (EFCL). The City of Edmonton recognizes the Community League as the official voice of the residents of Spruce Avenue with regard to civic issues affecting the area. The Spruce Avenue Community encompasses the area North of Kingsway Avenue to 118 Avenue and East of Princess Elizabeth Avenue to 97 Street. The League is managed and operated by a board of volunteers with the goal of promoting and enhancing the quality of life within Spruce Avenue. League meetings are held at 7pm on the 4th Tuesday of every month.
Find us on Facebook: @SpruceAveCommLeague

Organization Contact:  president@spruceavenuecommunity.com

Media Enquires: Sabino Spagnuolo, Communications Director

Email: communications@spruceavenuecommunity.com


Spruce Avenue Holiday Potluck

Spruce Avenue Holiday Potluck

Join us Friday December 13th for a Potluck Supper from 5pm to 9pm

The theme is Latin American but your other inspired favorites are welcome. We would appreciate a non perishable food or toy donation as well.

To encourage less waste and lessen single use consumption please consider hand held food items, you can also consider bringing your own washable plates, drink container, and cutlery items.

Come celebrate with neighbours!